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Chateau Viella

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Passion for wine

Since 4 generations

In Viella, the passion for wine is expressed in the families, where everyone reveals their “savoir-faire” and brings their definition of our very unique appellations: Madiran & Pacherenc du Vic Bilh.

For 4 generations now the Château is a constant above our vineyard, we have been tracing its history together and slowly bringing it back to life.


The Château, a majestic 18th century building, welcomes visitors curious to discover the secrets of a vineyard but also a place where sharing, culture, education and gastronomy are intertwined.

We will be pleased to be able to welcome you in english anytime, Claire or Marion could give you all the informations needed and create a customized reception for you.

one territory,

two AOCs

one territory,

two AOCs

Madiran and Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh 

Particularly original as Madiran is an appellation that only produces reds and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, a small, little known appellation with sweet and dry whites. These two appellations coexist in the same production area for the enjoyment of enthusiasts.

Tannat :

rare and native grape varietie

The trademark and distinctive character of the Southwest wines are their native grape varieties. 
But what is it? An indigenous or endemic grape variety is a variety of grape that is native to the terroir where it is still grown. The variety is therefore characteristic of the vineyard where it is located and therefore adapted to the soil and the climate, thus expressing all of its particular character and quality. 

As far as Madiran is concerned, since the Middle Ages, it adopted Cabernet Franc as well as Pinenc (another name is Fer Servadou) as its flagship grapes, but the robustness of the Tannat finally prevailed, demonstrating a certain capacity to adapt to cope with a climate that is sometimes very wet. 

From the Cotoides family, along with Prunelard, Négrette or Manseng, the origins or Tannat has been able to be traced back to the Roman era. The Madiran appellation decree imposes a minimum planting of 60 to 80% of Tannat to obtain authorisation. It is often associated with Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon in the production of Madiran wines. 

The Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, for white Madiran is also made from indigenous grape varieties. It must be made from a minimum planting of 60 to 80% of Petit or Gros Manseng and Petit Courbu – sometimes blended with the more minor varieties of the appellation such as Arrufiac.

Brief history

of the Bortolussi family

Brief history

of the Bortolussi family


Two hundred years after its construction by the Marquis de Viella, the Château still dominates its vineyard, but the shutters have masked life behind the tall windows for a very long time. My family acquires it and the vines surrounding it.


I take over from my father and give back to the Castle, stone after stone, its old soul.



My daughters Claire and Marion return to my side to be the 4th generation of winemakers at Château de Viella.


The Castle is open to everyone, a place where sharing, culture, education and gastronomy are intertwined.
Therefore, it is together that we entrust you with the definition of our wines: inspired by our experiences, listening to our plots and understanding our grape varieties.

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